It’s the start of a new football season, so what better time to equip your club or team with new match or practice balls?

Training Balls:

Days Sports can offer the fabulous Mitre Primero training ball for only £7.00 each, in sizes 3,4 or 5. If you need more, we can offer a bundle of 10 balls for only £62.50.

Match Balls:

The Mitre match ball is a thing of beauty; a FIFA inspected 32-panel ball that’s thermally bonded, (not stitched), for the ultimate durable option. It’s a low maintenance match ball, suitable for any weather, on any surface. It’s 4mm soft foam lining means it’s forgiving as well as tough.

We can offer the Mitre Manto match ball for only £24.00 each, in sizes 4 or 5. Need more and want a deal? No problem, we can offer you 3 for only £65.00.

This is a time limited offer though, once they’re gone they really are gone, so be sure to contact us today and order your Mitre training and match balls now!